Post Initiation Integration


We hope the Curandero Initiation Course was a profound and memorable experience for you. It is just the beginning of a journey that has no end, always bringing new lessons, new challenges, new insights, and new blessings around each bend and over each obstacle. Sometimes, it can be very helpful to connect with someone who knows the path you’re walking, to share your experiences and receive guidance that can boost your confidence moving forward, and bring to your attention aspects of the journey that may not be obvious to you yet. Some of these aspects may include:

  • Learning to protect and strengthen your dietas
  • Moving forward with new dietas
  • Deepening the power and control of your icaros
  • Working with other important plant medicines
  • Combining practices from other traditions or ancestries
  • Offering services and treatments to others
  • Planning for the future

More than answering questions, a counseling session provides a real connection with someone who has not only studied the ayahuasca tradition and understands the complexities of the healing process on a deep and insightful level, but who also leads ceremonies, provides treatment, and works with plant medicine on a continuously deeper level. There are not many people who can provide such guidance, but thankfully, there are a few…


Keyo began working for the Ayahuasca Foundation in 2011, assisting Carlos Tanner with retreats and courses. He and Yasueri began working together in 2016 facilitating the initiation courses at Inkan Kena.  They not only improved the course tremendously, but they also assisted in training and counseling the facilitators to improve their understanding and skill in managing the groups of students for courses and retreats offered at the Ayahuasca Foundation. Along the way, the became more than just co-workers. They fell in love, got married at the Riosbo Retreat & Research Center, and recently had their first child. They left the AF and started their own venture, Noya Botanicals, and currently work with plant medicine in Europe and around the globe. Their insights into moving forward after the initiation course are unparalleled. 

A sliding scale from $40 to $75 is used for post initiation integration sessions.  Each session is one hour long using zoom, skype, messenger, or whatsapp.  It doesn’t matter where you are located except that you do need a reliable internet connection.  Sessions are in english. Payment must be made at least 24 hours prior to each session.

If you would like to schedule a counseling session with Keyo & Yasueri, please fill out the form below.  Make sure you enter the correct email address as he will be responding to the form using that email address.  More information like the date and time for the session as well as payment instructions will be provided in that response.

NOTE: You must give at least 24 hours notice to cancel a session or you will lose that session.