Post Ayahuasca Counseling


Ayahuasca experiences and treatment can be very deep and profound.  Sometimes, understanding what happened and how to process and integrate it can be a real challenge, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience working with ayahuasca.  Often times it is difficult to find someone to talk to about your experience, simply because the topic of ayahuasca is complex and not many people have studied its use and understand its depth.  You may have questions about:

  • Trying to make sense of the experience
  • What happened externally and internally
  • How to interpret your perceptions and feelings
  • What you can do now to continue the process
  • Practices to enhance your understanding
  • How to effectively talk about your experiences
  • Planning for the future

More than answering questions, a counseling session provides a real connection with someone who has studied the ayahuasca tradition in the Amazon Rainforest as well as shamanic traditions, understands the complexities of the healing process on a deep and insightful level, and has trained as a therapist and counselor for many years.

Sophia is a native of the UK and has an honours degree in Ancient History from the University of Birmingham, diplomas in Crystal Therapy, Swedish Massage, and level 3 Reiki training.  She has also completed the Psych-K epigenetic reprogramming certification course, as well as the Flower of Life course at Drunvalo Melchizedek’s school.  Prior to working for the Ayahuasca Foundation as an assistant healer since 2015, Sophia worked as a therapist for five years.   She has a deep understanding of the Shipibo plant medicine tradition and a tremendous intuition.  She also studies yoga, meditation, mayan astrology, and Shiatsu massage.  A naturally giving, attentive, and selfless person, Sophia’s ability to listen and offer helpful insights creates the optimal opportunity to find a path to navigate the important integration process after an ayahuasca retreat or other profound experience.

A sliding scale from $60 to $100 is used for post ayahuasca counseling sessions with Sophia.  Each session is one hour long and utilizes current online technology (skype, facetime, messenger, whatsapp).  It doesn’t matter where you are located, but you do need a reliable internet connection.  Sessions are in English.  Payment must be made 24 hours prior to each session.

If you would like to schedule a counseling session with Sophia, please fill out the form below.  Make sure you enter the correct email address as she will be responding to the form using that email address.  More information like the date and time for the session as well as payment instructions will be provided in that response.

NOTE: You must give at least 24 hours notice to cancel a session or you will lose that session.