Ayahuasca Counseling


Choosing ayahuasca as a treatment plan is a powerful decision and should not be made without careful consideration.  If you are still not sure if it is the right path to take or if you want more clarity in your decision, speaking to a pre-program counselor might be a good idea.  If you have completed a treatment program, retreat, or ceremony and would like assistance with understanding your experiences and integrating those experiences, insights, and messages into your life, speaking with a post-program counselor might also be a good idea.

 AYAhelp counselors have extensive experience with ayahuasca retreats in Peru, as well as healing modalities from around the world.  You may not have many people with whom you can discuss your concerns or who can answer your questions or just listen to your thoughts about a topic that is not easily understood, especially in western culture.  AYAhelp provides the opportunity to speak to someone who understands and can help to guide you towards receiving the most benefit possible from your decision to take ayahuasca.  There are preparations that can increase the chances of having a transformation experience, but having a profound experience is only the beginning, and integration is just as important to make powerful experiences a part of a new reality after they occur. 

Ayahuasca is a mysterious medicine that can bring up a multitude of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states that can sometimes be very challenging to interpret and understand.  Even after powerful experiences that we think we do understand, it may be confusing trying to figure out how to process the experience and move forward, or how to return to our lives without losing what may have been a very valuable lesson or insight.  Post ayahuasca counseling can really help with integrating transformative realizations into ‘real-world’ practices.  If you feel like you could benefit from speaking to someone either before or after you encounter ayahuasca, AYAhelp is here for you.

Counselors are ready and willing to help.

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